Welcome to The Movie Front, an entertainment blog for discussing my favorite artistic medium: films and television!

I started this blog because I wanted an opportunity to talk about movies in a constructive and a productive way. I also wanted to extend my high school newspaper job of film reviewer to the internet.

Though I do review films, I, by no means, proclaim to be an expert on film. As a relative youngster, I won’t say I know everything about the medium, but I do know that I love it and am invested enough in it to talk about its body of work in an impassioned way, more so than, say, competitive ping pong.

Thus, I consider this project to be one where I can explore my love of film in a way that chronicles my growth as both a film goer, prospective filmmaker, and a person. Certainly, you can have different perspectives on a film like Shrek when you’re five (“Wow, this is funny!”) and when you’re 18 (“Wow, this IS funny!”). I’d like to see how my perception of certain films change over the years, and this blog is a way of documenting that. If I manage to either convince you to see (or not see!) a movie because of this site, all the better.

Thanks for visiting!





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