Film Review: Logan

8.5/10 It’s no fun being James Howlett/Logan (Hugh Jackman) in the year 2029. You throw down bottles of whiskey, you limp exhaustedly, and your rapid healing factor is not what it once was. Battle scars adorn your body now. And the days of “The Wolverine” of the Uncanny X-Men are distant, but haunting memories. You …

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Film Review: Creed

9.5/10 I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who scoffed at the prospect of another Rocky movie. Much like Bruce Willis with John McClane, I felt that Mr. Stallone wandered a bit too far into the outlandish with the Rocky character. But now, nine years after the last installment, Stallone passes the writing and directing …

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Film Review: Captain America-Civil War

8.5/10 It must be tough being an Avenger. Sure, you beat the bad guy, maybe save your love interest, but though you come home alive, you have to answer to the higher-ups, the government officials who ask, “What about all the buildings you collapsed?” I mean, can’t they just give you a break after you …

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